Note: It is important that the participants lists and the confirmation slip be e-mailed on or before the deadline stipulated in the proposal/invitation received before any payment transactions between Tket Project and the participating university/college can occur.

  1. Once the participants lists and the confirmation slip of the participating university/college is received, our marketing team will issue an invoice indicating the exact payment details.
  2. Once invoice is received, payments can proceed via deposit to our company account:
    PAYEE: Tket Project Travel Studio
    CHECKING ACCOUNT: 2775-0118-77
    BANK: BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)
    BRANCH: Vito Cruz St. Scholastica Branch
  3. To confirm payment, e-mail back a picture or a scanned version of the deposit slip to our marketing team indicating the following:
  4. Once our marketing team has received the copy of the deposit slip, a corresponding e-mail will be sent out confirming the payment with a scanned copy of the official receipt.
  5. The original copy of the receipts may be collected on the day of the conference at the registration booth.


Should there be other means of payment arrangement or method, please consult our marketing team via our office line: (02) 4750039.


*Open for everyone!

We are super stoked to announce that we are bringing intl’ Youtube Film Maker from Melbourne, Australia "Benn Tkalcevic" to Manila for one massive and impactful collaboration!

Ever wondered how others do so well in creating their travel videos? Or how other companies such as airlines and hotels create their promotional videos? That's because they invest in themselves to continuously adapt and learn about new creative trends that would up their game.

NOW, this is your chance to take your next travel video to the next level so come join us at this exclusive travel video workshop with Benn Tkalcevic brought to you by Tket Project this coming September 30, 2018 at the Asian Institute of Management and REGISTER with us today!

*This exclusive travel video workshop is limited to only 60 slots. First come first serve basis will be applied until slots are sold out.


Benn Tkalcevic is a filmmaker and Youtuber from Melbourne, Australia that has introduced a unique way of filming and creating travel videos in terms of destination marketing, wherein the content produced becomes more engaging and and exciting for the audience.


The goal of the workshop is to equip aspiring and professional creatives with a new technique, method and fresher approach in tackling their future creative video content and create more award-winning creatives here in the Philippines.


  • Advanced Travel Video Filming Techniques & Perspective
  • Importance of Sound Design for Travel Video Making
  • Tutorial on Sound Design in creating the full experience
  • Methods and Ways to obtain solid sound design for travel videos
  • Tutorial and Tips on Color Grading for Travel Videos
  • Timing and Creating Unique Transitions and Footage Placement
  • Advanced Video Editing Tips and Secrets from Benn Tkalcevic
  • Importance of Story Telling and how to do that on travel videos


Registration fee:

Early Bird registration fee: P6000
Period: August 1 - August 31, 2018

Normal registration fee: P7500
Period: September 1 - September 29, 2018

Walk-In: P8500
Period: September 30, 2018

(Subject to availability)


To ensure optimal and effective learning from this workshop, all attendees are required to bring their own laptop with programs “Adobe Premiere” & “After Effects” as well as their own DSLRs. “Final Cut” and “Vegas” users are also welcome.

Media kits, modules and certificate will be distributed on the day of the workshop.

We will be conducting Photo-Ops for our attendees to remember this productive day with Benn Tkalcevic.

For more details please contact:

Shelly Lumanog
Marketing Executive
Tket Project


Registration fee:

Early Bird registration fee: P6000
Period: August 1 - August 31, 2018

Normal registration fee: P7500
Period: September 1 - September 29, 2018

Walk-In: P8500
Period: September 30, 2018
(Subject to availability)

  1. Payment for Tickets should only be done through our official company account:

    Payee: Tket Project Travel Studio
    Checking Account: 2775-0118-77
    Bank: BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)
    Branch: Vito Cruz St. Scholastica Branch

  2. Once ticket price is paid, please e-mail the official receipt or proof of payment to our Marketing Executive handling the workshop payments to confirm:
  3. Once payment has been confirmed by our team, an invoice will be sent to you to confirm your payment.
  4. Official receipt (should you need) can be collected on the day of the workshop.

our passports

Company Profile

The Tket Project (Tourism Kinesthetics & Economic Trajectory – Project) is an events company and educational organization that holds the title to being the very first “travel studio” in the Philippines. Founded in 2013, its very idea is to ‘build’ and ‘creatively design’ exterior fun-learning academic projects such as international educational conferences, field training immersions and study tours for various courses within universities and colleges – nationwide, and to conduct specific workshops for the public.

The goal is to promote innovative thinking, to bridge new avenues of opportunity and to establish a sense of direction towards upward career trajectory and exemplary learning by connecting honorable Filipino educators and future practitioners of the Philippines with the right professionals from all over the world under one premiere local venue.

These projects are currently supported by over 300+ universities and colleges nationwide and growing. Tket Project have since become a big gathering of honorable Filipino educators and future practitioners to collaborate and celebrate their respective courses for learning opportunities of our ever-changing world. Tket Project has also become a gathering for professionals – from all over the world – to participate-in and deliver effective and influential presentations.

To support the passion, dedication, idea and goal of every project built under our wing, the ‘Tket Project’ is delivered and tinkered with meticulously – making sure that quality is observed all throughout the process of creating each conference, field training immersions, study tours and workshops that would ensure and exhibit a level of international standards.

Watch more Tket Project event videos here.



Our mission is to enhance and uplift lives by developing and creating international conferences, field tours and training projects in the most interactive and creative way on an aim to bestow inspiration, motivation, direction and collaborative opportunities within every company, institution and individual around the world.


Our vision is put into action with our commitment to ensure that every international conference, field tours and training that we build becomes an inspirational and motivational experience and becomes that resourceful bridge for companies, institutions and individuals to come together to interact and engage-in, hand-in-hand, towards the goal of achieving world innovation and sustainable excellence.

Company FAQ

Who are our recent partners?

The organizations, affiliates and companies mentioned here are our recent partners who we have worked with on our pasts conferences, sponsored and/or are partners with:

10269557_578553308918599_6656234974231724538_n 217037_156663071169984_242040850_n ACOMM logo November 18, 2014

logo jeron_travel_socialMedia TUP_Logo_CMYK_Vertical

431599_10150607357753977_633560899_n hotel-centro SM_Mall_Of_Asia_logo ES&D_logo

Logo 2 SM_Aura_Premier_Logo south east asian college coca cola

sm north edsa ACT header

Broken Hub Inc KREATIV Social Hub Pru-Life-UK-For-Every-Pinoy-Fighter-04 SWI-edited2

Red Bull Logo AzumiLogo_19Jun2013 copy SMX Manila-Final


discoverphlogo explore_logo

Who are our school ambassadors?

These universities/colleges earned the title of being our school ambassadors of Tket Project by affirming their dedication on seeking  ways to provide learning opportunities for their faculties and students by participating and providing the biggest delegates in our conferences.

ilocos sur polytechnic college

Ilocos Polytechnic State University

The Tourism & Hospitality Department of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State University gathered a total of 400+ students overall and has participated consistently in all tourism & hospitality conferences by Tket Project to-date.


De La Salle University – Dasmariñas

The Tourism & Hospitality Department of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas gathered 350+ students overall and has participated consistently in all tourism & hospitality conferences by Tket Project to-date.


University of Perpetual Help System – Isabela

The Tourism Department of the University of Perpetual Help System – Isabela gathered a total of 80+ students in 2013. They made a comeback and gathered 90+ students in 2016 putting them back on the spot as one of our top school ambassadors.


National College of Science and Technology

The Tourism & Hospitality Department of the National College of Science and Technology gathered a total of 180+ students overall and has participated consistently in all tourism & hospitality conferences by Tket Project to-date.


University of the East – Caloocan

The Tourism Department of the University of the East – Caloocan gathered a total of 100+ students overal and has participated consistently in all tourism & hospitality conferences by Tket Project to-date.


Bulacan State University – Malolos

The Tourism Department of Bulacan State University – Malolos gathered a total of 70+ students in 2015.


University of Perpetual Help System – Biñan

The Tourism Department of University of Perpetual Help System – Biñan gathered a total of 70+ students during the “Premiere International Tourism Conference 2013” held at the UP Film Institute, UP Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines last August 10, 2013.

University of the Assumption – Pampanga

The Tourism & Hospitality Department of the University of the Assumption – Pampanga gathered a total of 100+ students overall and has participated in all Tket Project conferences to-date.

Who are our hosts?

DJ Maria Morena YES FM 101.1

DJ Maria Morena
(YES FM 101.1)

Somewell Gadiane ABS-CBN Global

Somewell Gadiane
(ABS-CBN Global)

Bea Benedicto TV5

Bea Benedicto

DJ Alice WISH FM 107.5

DJ Alice
(WISH FM 107.5)

DJ Jelly Kiss WISH FM 107.5

DJ Jelly Kiss
(WISH FM 107.5)

Who are our recent guest artists?

Aia De Leon

Aia De Leon

Suicidal Genius

Suicidal Genius





Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan

Keiko Necesario

Keiko Necesario

Tim Tayag

Tim Tayag


Michael Lobrin

Why is our Company Named Tket Project?

Tket was derived from the word “ticket” which ultimately means, “a piece of paper or small card that gives the holder a certain right to enter a place, travel by public transport, or participate in an event.” And we love tickets! For us, it’s an admission and invitation to relaxation, entertainment and to new adventure and experiences.

The word ‘Tket’ was first coined and used for a college magazine project (Tket Magazine) during an Editorial Management course by the Founder and CEO of Tket Project (Mr. John Hadrian “Rye” Bonoan) during his role as Editor-In-Chief back in 2009; He led a team against all odds despite the struggle to win ‘Best Magazine Concept’ during an annual college competition judged by professional representatives from publishing firms.

This became the inspiration behind the name upon starting this company as it represents the ingredients of success: the will and determination to never give up, the dedication and drive to pursue a goal and the soulful passion of creating things that would later on, benefit others by creating possibilities and opportunities for them.

“Tket” now stands for “Tourism Kinesthetics & Economic Trajectory” – where in all our international conferences, field tours and trainings are projects that we create, aimed towards a goal of cultivating the minds of future practitioners and by providing innovative insights of additional learnings for future teachings of honorable educators. By this, we believe that this can be our way of contributing to the betterment of the future for our nation, the Philippines and around the world.

What is a travel studio?

A travel studio is a design laboratory that holds together a team of visionaries that create projects such as interactive and insightful field tours and training around the world that would cultivate minds that would lead towards the betterment of the future – for our minds travel as far as the future, creating the necessary today to make that future a reality.

Press and Media

Featured In:

About the CEO

John Hadrian “Rye” Bonoan is a Visionary -- a Philippine-based Entrepreneur, Investor, Writer and Motivational Speaker who does whatever it takes to create invaluable opportunities for people through platforms of creativity, inspiration and motivation and is incredibly business-minded by nature.

An alumni of De La Salle University – Dasmarinas and a bachelor degree holder of Communication Arts with a course-track in Advertising; he utilizes his knowledge and experties in performing game-changing ideas and strategies with his work which is mainly focused towards the field of events, specifically educational conferences and international study tours. He also holds a penchant for film making, and the world of videography.

At the young age of 25, back in 2013, he started his own events company, Tket Project Travel Studio. It is also the first travel studio in the Philippines and possibly the world where he aims to create avenues of opportunity for students by aiming to provide them with global advantage that would help aid their future careers. Prior to starting his own company, he has spent most of his professional life rendering six years of experties in the field of events throughout the Asia-Pacific region: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau and the Philippines. Now, he is currently managing his company as he slowly but surely moves towards its expansion, while creating a lineage of other business opportunities to increase his portfolio in business.

You can connect with John Hadrian “Rye” Bonoan on LinkedIn:


March 6, 2018

Tket Project’s CEO speaks at the “Young Filipino Tourism Advocates Power Conference”

Tket Project’s CEO, Mr. John Hadrian “Rye” Bonoan has spoken at many universities and colleges throughout his years with Tket Project and for the 2nd time round, he has been courteously invited by his Alma Mater to speak at the Young Filipino Tourism Advocates Power Conference held at the Blue Leaf Filipinas last March 6, 2018.

Alongside his guesting as a speaker, were Sec. Guiling Mamondiong who addressed the keynote and his co-speakers: Abbygael Arenas-De Leon, Skeeter Labastilla-Turgut, Nicole Villaluz and Atty. Wyrlou Samodio.

September 30, 2017

Tket Project goes big with their biggest tourism and hospitality conference this 2017

Tket Project bounced back with their brilliance by merging the supposedly 3rd International Tourism & Hospitality Conference with one of their most successful conference titles, 4th International Creative Tourism Design Conference this year.

By merging the two conferences (which would be a whole day affair), it would not only allow the Tket Project team to catch up on loss time, but it would also create a 360 experience for their delegates because it would cover a lot of interesting topics.

Most of all, it would delight those who were dissappointed with the unfortunate postponement of the 3rd ITHC back in February. For the Tket Project, this was a win – and it was a win!

On September 30, 2017, Tket Project launched the 3rd ITHC x 4th International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2017 at the most grandest venue yet: Sofitel’s Harbor Tent.

It was undoubtedly the biggest successful conference they had in years.

The speakers were of high caliber and notable personas from diverse field of experties, and were segregated according to the topics that each conference title entailed.

3rd ITHC speakers were Kenneth Cacho (Director of Culinary Arts – ISCAHM), Johanna Abdulkadil ( Strategic Alliance Manager of Okada – Manila), Bertch Ian Ranis-Namuag (Managing Director of Fil-Global) and Paul Notorio (Educator, DLSU-D).

4th ICTDC speakers were Kevin Lapena (TV Hosts of TraveLife Magazine), RJ Ledesma (Serial Entrepreneur) and former DENR Secretary Ms. Gina Lopez (G-Diaries, ABS-CBN).

Special Guest Performances were done by Motivational Speaker and GMA TV Hosts, Michael Angelo Lobrin and multi-awarded hip-hop duo Q-York.

The conference concluded successfully with another venue filled with yellow paper planes in the sky and it was just an unforgettable memorabilia for everyone that day.

September 22, 2017

Premiere International Entrepreneurship & Business Management Conference a massive success

Tket Project successfully concluded their first course expansion with the Premiere International Entrepreneurship & Business Management Conference last September 22, 2017, bringing the platform to Entrepreneurship and related Business Management courses in the Philippines!

It was just right to do, as a huge part of my passion revolves around business, said Tket Project’s CEO, Mr. John Hadrian “Rye” Bonoan.

The conference speakers were of Forbes and Entrepreneurship caliber, spearheading the conference for the international segment were Cynthia Johnson (Entrepreneur, and Ben Landis (CEO of Fanbase) and on the local segment were Gian Javelona (CEO of OrangeApps) and Rj Ledesma (Serial Entrepreneur).

Hosting the conference were Somewell Gadiane (Eon) and Bea Benedicto (Social Media Influencer & Events Hosts) toppled by an awesome guest performance by the band “SUD”.

Another milestone for Tket Project as a company, adding this course expansion as another highlight of achievement for them. Making this course expansion another annual conference that will inspire even more students in the coming future.

August 21, 2017

Tket Project rolls out their first course expansion with a focus on entrepreneurship and business marketing

Tket Project surely didn’t spend time sulking around the major setback that occurred during the first quarter of the year. The whole team went around the clock to produce their first course expansion that was geared to take on the subject matter of entrepreneurship and business management and open the Tket Project experience to entrepreneurship and all related business management courses in the Philippines.

On August 21, 2017, CHED gave its approval and Tket Project was well on their way to make the vision happen with the “Premiere International Entrepreneurship & Business Management Conference 2017” which was set to happen on September 22, 2017 at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura, Taguig, Philippines.

Additionally, in this particular conference, Tket Project will be working with some big international and local names that are part of the Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine circle, which was definitely going to be another milestone for the company.

In business, hindi natin naiiwasan ang mga major setbacks. It happens. This is why, only the resilient and persistent of people are in this game of business. We rise because of our

failures and we do not let fear take control. These were the words of Tket Project’s CEO, Mr. John Hadrian “Rye” Bonoan.

Well, looks like it didn’t take long for Tket Project to rise above their fall. Determination after all, brings anyone who has it a long way. God speed!

February 25, 2017

3rd International Tourism & Hospitality Conference 2017 forcibly canceled due to sudden CHED memorandum

What may have seem like a roll, a sudden obstacle fired the educational events industry into a devastating hault. Five days prior to the conference date, a tragic accident happened in Tanay, Rizal on February 25, 2017. A tourist bus carrying 50 passengers which were mostly students from Bestlink College (from Quezon city) on their way to a field trip, lost its brakes causing it to slam into an electric pole resulting to fifteen casualties including the driver.

It was because of this tragic accident, that CHED was forced to issue an abrupt memorandum to all universities and colleges in the Philippines to hault all extra-curricular activities which put heavy weight on all event companies handling educational conferences including Tket Project. Hence, Tket Project had no choice but to cancel the 3rd International Tourism & Hospitality Conference 2017 that was supposedly about to take place at the SMX Convention Center on February 25, 2017.

This was a major setback for Tket Project due to the hefty amount spent on building the platform, but the situation was beyond their control.

Tket Project’s CEO, Mr. John Hadrian “Rye” Bonoan assured the delegates through a heartfelt letter on Tket Project’s Facebook page that they will rise up from this and make this inspirational flight happen soon enough.

The re-scheduling of the event was to take place on the final quarter of the year 2017 until further notice.

January 21, 2017

1st Regional Expansion of Tket Project in Isabela a huge success!

If there’s something that has to go into the history of Tket Project, it would be the province of Isabela.

What was once a suggestion by the Tourism Dean, Ms. Mari Christ Bucad-Francisco of the University of Perpetual Help System Jonelta – Isabela to Tket Project has come to fruition on January 21, 2017.

Tket Project’s CEO, Mr. John Hadrian “Rye” Bonoan, spent no time sitting this one out. He started co-ordinating with his team and everyone he could think of to sprinkle the magic into this successful regional expansion. To him, it was a challenge and an opportunity to further the reach of the goal — which is to invest in the future leaders of tomorrow.

January 1, 2017

Tket Project goes into their 5th year in business pursuing regional expansions

“The goal here is to inspire more lives,” says John Hadrian Bonoan, CEO of Tket Project.

Tket Project, being a successful events producer for universities and colleges in Manila has now taken in consideration the fact that not all students (especially students in the provinces) are privileged enough to travel to Manila and indulge in these kind of learning opportunities. Their idea here was to bring their platform to those places where it is much more accessible for those students while maintaining the same kind of vibe and standard in creating their conferences.

To premiere their regional expansion, they decided to start with Region 2: The Cagayan Valley. With over months of research and review and biddings, Isabela will be the starting point of all regional events held by Tket Project.

The Premiere Regional Tourism & Hospitality Conference will be held at the Pamahalaang Panlalawigan ng Isabela – Amphitheater happening on January 21, 2017.

When asked about the movement, “It’s exciting and scary at the same time. But I guess, that’s what it takes to turn dreams into reality right? You have to look at fear straight in the eye and tell it, ‘watch me.’ It’s exciting… It’s scary… but we’re always ready.” Was the response of John Hadrian Bonoan, CEO of Tket Project.

Tket Project not only eyes to pursue regional expansions this year, but also course expansions. Things are really building up for this events company – and to think, they started from nothing at all. Now, that’s inspiring!

August 27, 2016

TKET PROJECT on its 3rd International Creative Tourism Design Conference series!

When Tket Project first premiered this unique and special conference title in 2014 that specifically focuses on the creative components of the tourism and hospitality conference, its goals were only realized as it progressed within the years of its pursuit to see its growing importance and impact towards the industry and world today.

By highlighting works and inspiring stories by individuals and industry professionals who have dedicated their lives and career into pursuing creative works within the tourism and hospitality industry, the idea is transpired into inspiration to encourage future practitioners that there is more opportunities other than just the possibilities that are presented to them and that their daily lives or their love for travel can be shared in phenomenal and inspiring ways which would contribute positive attributes towards the tourism and hospitality industry.

Now on its 3rd run, the 3rd International Creative Tourism Design Conference focused took an in-depth exploration into creative tourism – the new form of tourism in which was justified by speakers, Mr. Ivan Henares (, the founders of SinoPinas: Karl Ivan Presentacion, Alexis Lim, Raniel Hernandez & John Austria as well as the founder of E3M Entertainment/Peeta Planet, Mr. Peyman Al Awadhi.

The stage was also illuminated by guest artists Reese Lansangan and Keiko Lansangan with their beautiful melodic voice.

The awarding of the top three (3) biggest delegations being one of the most awaited segments of the conference, the National College of Science & Technology – Dasmariñas bagged the “biggest delegation award” followed by De La Salle University – Dasmariñas coming in as the “2nd biggest delegation” and a new contender, University of the Assumption – Pampanga coming in as the “3rd biggest delegation.” All in which were celebrated publicly on stage.

With all the goals intact, Tket Project once again rendered another successful conference aimed towards aiding the Tourism & Hospitality Industry by providing fun-learning opportunities for future practitioners within the specific field to encourage better and confident leaders in the near future.

January 23, 2016

Tket Project starts the new year by launching the 2nd International Tourism & Hospitality Conference 2016.

On an aim to always keep their mission and vision intact, Tket Project started the new year by launching the 2nd International Tourism & Hospitality Conference that took place last January 23, 2016 at the Fleur-De-Lis Theater of St. Paul University – Manila (venue partner) and with everything taken a notch higher.

Going into their fourth year of business, Tket Project wanted to celebrate by opening bigger opportunities for their delegates and presented their conference with the creative ideas of presentation that they are known for.

The 2nd International Tourism & Hospitality Conference 2016 focused on innovative services in the tourism and hospitality scene themed as, “Taking a step forward into innovative world-class service.” The theme was given justice by valued speakers Mr. Bashar Mashni (Tourism & Arts Cluster Manager of the TAJ Jerusalem Cluster) from Palestine and Ms. Chal Chang Lontoc-Del Rosario (President of Jeron Travel) while Mr. Jonathan Blatter a former top Chef De Partie of Atlantis presented his video of inspiration and knowledge during the conference.

Guest performing artist, Aia De Leon (former vocalists of Imago) – who is now a solo indie artist – performed her new songs as well as a nostalgic rendition of her old songs while guest artist, international Filipino-American Comedian Tim Tayag yet again delivers another hilarious skit from his new set of jokes for his show.

University of Perpetual Help System – Isabela made an awesome comeback to defend their title as one of the school ambassadors of Tket Project by winning the “2nd biggest delegation” during the conference as their last win was back in 2013. The National College of Science & Technology bags the “3rd biggest delegation” for the second time round while Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State University defends their title by winning the “biggest delegation” award once again making them the top university school ambassador of Tket Project to-date.

Another prestigious and fun conference concluded with the traditional and most-awaited moment of Tket Project, where students and educators get to unite and celebrate their dreams and ambitions by throwing – altogether – our iconic yellow paper planes in the air.

August 22, 2015

The 2nd International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2015 is Tket Project’s biggest success this year

Tket Project successfully concluded the “2nd International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2015” with 1000+ delegates composed of educators and students of the tourism and hotel and restaurant management course from universities and colleges – nationwide – despite the harshness of the weather that day.

The “2nd International Creative Tourism Design Conference” is one of Tket Project’s unique line of conference titles that focuses on the creative aspects of tourism and is dubbed as one of the best – if not, the most innovative tourism conferences in Manila.

“We’ve reached a milestone here.” Said John Hadrian Bonoan, CEO of Tket Project. “In less than three years, we have attracted a lot of small and big companies to work with us in promoting tourism through a different light and it’s all because we have passion and heart for what we do—and our support from universities and colleges from all over the Philippines is growing bigger than ever! I think we’re on to something here.”

The 2nd International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2015”of Tket Project was also the first to be covered by media. ANC mornings took the first bite of the story by doing a pre-conference interview followed by Radio Republic and Travel Update who covered certain segments during the conference.

The conference was hosted by Sam Gadiane of ABS-CBN Global and Jelly Soriano of Wish FM 107.5. Valued speakers to grace the stage with their individual and respective presentations were Mr. Peyman Al Awadhi (Co-Founder & Executive Producer of Peeta Planet) and Mr. Anton Diaz (Founder & Online Entrepreneur of Our Awesome Planet).

Guest Artist “Quest” delivered his inspirational songs and gave a heartfelt message in-between is act while Guest Artist “Tim Tayag (International Filipino-American Comedian)” made everybody laugh alongside his fellow comedians Rene Cruz and Joseph Montecillo from Comedy Cartel which is also an innovative collaborative idea between Comedy Cartel and Tket Project for this conference.

“We want to not only inject a sense of effective learning, but we want to inspire. Said John Hadrian Bonoan, CEO of Tket Project. “Our goal to achieve a fun-learning atmosphere is something we want to maintain. We understand what the youth wants and its not boring conferences–so, we focus on building an itinerary that would keep our delegates hyped keeping a success rate of 98% of them not falling asleep in their seats and so far it is working.” He, concluded.

With another magical moment of 1000 paper planes thrown up in the air by the delegates, the 2nd International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2015 had everyone inspired that day and that’s what shows how successful the conference of Tket Project was this year. We’re really looking forward to next year!

August 19, 2015

Peeta Planet arrives in Manila

Tket Project brings the No. 1 travel show in Dubai to Manila. John Hadrian Bonoan, CEO of Tket Project welcomed Peyman Al Awadhi, Co-Founder & Executive Producer of Peeta Planet at the New World Manila Bay Hotel in Malate where the two personally met for the first time and talked about the upcoming “2nd International Creative Tourism Design Conference” on August 22, 2015.

February 12, 2015

Tket Project sponsors the first Media Festival held at De La Salle University – Dasmarinas!

Tket Project Travel Studio over its years of operation has been recognized by many universities in the Philippines, and one of the universities that supported this company from its initial start of operation is De La Salle University – Dasmariñas.

With that, the invitation we received to sponsor the very first Media Festival held in its campus and pioneered by the Communication Program Council (CPC) is something we were ecstatic to do, and we are proud to actually be part of its launch. The Media Festival is a celebration for the two decades of AB Communication Arts as a course at De La Salle University – Dasmariñas wherein, over the years, had produced so many successful professionals in the industry  today and our CEO, John Hadrian Bonoan is one of them.

Tket Project will be at the De La Salle University – Dasmariñas this week, starting February 17 – February 21, 2015 celebrating this media festival with Lasallians so do drop by our booth and show some love. Our schedule is as follows:

February 17, 2015 – Course Track Seminar & COM Variety Show at the Tanghalang Julian Felipe from 9am – 3pm.

February 21, 2015 – The Ultimate Guide to Novel Writing & The Reelity of TV not like Movies” at the Tanghalang Julian Felipe from 1pm – 5pm.

Tket Project is very keen on working with universities and colleges in great rapport and collaboration. Interested universities and colleges may approach us for similar partnerships, sponsorship or speaking engagements as we gear towards creating more opportunities for the students of the Philippines with our projects.

January 30, 2015

Tket Project as a major partner of Fringe Manila!

The world’s largest arts festival is now making its debut in Manila and we are glad to announce our official collaboration with FringeMNL as a MAJOR partner! 300 performances, 90 events, 20 venues all around MANILA for you to enjoy musical theater, arts, electronic music, art galleries and many more! The best part, these performances are mostly done by new emerging artists and universities. You may freely grab your tickets at TicketWorld Manila! You may also grab a copy of the itinerary at!

With that, we will be present at the following venues and dates:

Fringe Manila’s Festival Launch – February 11, 2015 from 6pm onwards held at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde – The school of arts and design building.

Ayala Museum Event – February 13, 2015 from 8pm onwards held at the Ayala Museum Plaza

Tim Tayag’s Truth in Comedy – February 14, 2015 from 10:30pm onwards held at the Basement, Legaspi Towers 300, Roxas Boulevard Corner, P. Ocampo, Malate, Manila

Indie Komiks 101 – February 18, 2015 10am to 3pm held at the Taft Campus, College of Saint Benilde

Kwentong Komyut – February 22, 2015 8pm onwards held at the Tanghalang Jose Batute, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard

UP Manila Fiesta 2015 – February 23, 2015 2pm onwards held at the Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila

So, how will you fringe this 2015? See you around!

November 29, 2014

Tket Project finishes the year with massive success!

Tket Project concluded 2014 by launching the very first conference of its kind – in the world – last November 29, 2014 entitled, “The Tket Project: Premiere International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2014” with the theme: “A Multi-View of Creative Platforms used in Tourism” that focuses on a 360° panoramic view of creative fundamentals in the Tourism industry and its innovative direction towards the future.

In this endearment, Tket Project stands as innovation in the conference field propeled by young imaginative minds ready to make an idea work. Gathering around students from respective universities and colleges and highlighting three relevant courses: Tourism, Communication and Multimedia. They created a cross-platformed innovative conference by injecting critical inspirational messages, motivational touches and an effective itinerary that will erase the boredom out of conferences.

“I think that the important thing that we tend to miss when creating conferences is the passion to create it; and we at Tket Project are here to revive that essence of making learning fun – and for that simple matter, that makes us different.” Said, John Hadrian Bonoan, CEO of Tket Project.

The Tket Project: Premiere International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2014 was hosted by Mr. Sam Gadiane of ABS-CBN Global and Maria Morena (Maria Socorro Estrella) of YES FM 101.1.

Valued speakers to grace the stage respectfully with their individual and effective presentations were Mr. Cao Nguyen & Ms. Hoa Doan of CleverAds (SMB Premier Partner of Google – Vietnam), Mr. Gareth Rees (Editor of Emirate’s Open Skies In-flight Magazine of Motivate Publishing Group – Dubai, U.A.E) and Ms. Rebecca Lee of

Q-York along with Kat Lopez and Oche Koh accomplished a powerful show of inspiration with their upbeat songs and illuminated the crowd with their talent.

Ms. Jonah Chipeco (Manager of Mass Marketing of Habitat of Humanity – Philippines) and Mr. Francis Domingo (VP for Human Resource, ACOMM) were also able to share their projects on-stage with other universities and open opportunities for collaboration.

Universities awarded that day were De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (biggest delegation), University of the East – Caloocan (2nd biggest delegation) and Philippine Christian University (Best Tket Project: Shirt Design Winner).

Tket Project ended that day with their traditional throwing of yellow paper planes to celebrate all the hopes and aspirations of each present delegate that shone beautifully and elegantly in the air.

When asking the CEO on what makes Tket Project a success, “It’s the people we collaborate with, the people that supports us and the delegates that took their learning curve with us. You have no idea how inspiring they all are to me and my team. Their overwhelming positive responses on social media with #tketproject2014 and on the written surveys holds a tremendous impact in our lives. It makes me feel like we changed lives, and that is what keeps us in business – how they inspire us to create more for them.”

With that, with this conference successfully concluded, it looks like the 2nd international creative tourism design conference looks bigger than ever in 2015.

November 21, 2014

TKET PROJECT & ACOMM seals conference partnership!

One thing that Tket Project endears itself to willfully connect is with student organizations because their motives are so keen on seeing the positive aspect of growth as an individual, and how they can contribute as a team. To work with students who commit to goals and visions of seeing a better world – this becomes the heart of it all.

With that, we would like to announce our partnership with ACOMM (Organization for Ateneo Communication Majors) on our upcoming conference entitled, “Premiere International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2014” to help them establish their projects with other universities and colleges.

On the day of the conference, they will be presenting their project to recruit other willful students to join and collaborate with them. It will be an immersive crowd as students of the tourism, multimedia and communication course will be exposed to a cross-platformed innovative conference that reeks purpose to enhance the realization of what each course can contribute to the change of the tourism scene within the Philippines, and how our country can possibly shine more in the future to come.

November 18, 2014

TKET PROJECT & Habitat of Humanity Philippines collaborate!

Tket Project stands on a whole lot of core values that enables us to create the kind of conferences we make – and it’s not only about gaining knowledge but sustaining our pledge to inspire and motivate our attending delegates by touching their hearts. In this transforming act, we connect ourselves with organizations and companies that aim for cause and action towards human welfare and the world.

With that, we are proud to announce that we will be partnering with Habitat of Humanity – Philippines on our upcoming conference entitled, “Premiere International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2014” to raise more awareness for their projects and their goal to rebuild the Philippine nation.

On the day of the conference, they will speak and present their projects and will have a booth ready for all our delegates to willfully partake in this cause of rebuilding the Philippine nation.

It is in our pride and honor to work with such organization because we believe that collaboration is something that should not be overlooked and as much as possible, we should support one another for the betterment of the whole world.

October 21, 2014

Tket Project in-support with WhenInManila’s event Blogapalooza 2014

Recently, the Tket Project team attended the Blogapalooza 2014 to support their friends from WhenInManila.

“It was a delight to have been invited by WhenInManila’s founder and publisher, Vince Golangco to attend their event entitled, Blogapalooza 2014 wherein, businesses and bloggers were able to build potential partnerships” said Tket Project’s CEO, John Bonoan.

“I thought it was a brilliant idea and I too, including my team, was able to engage interactively with company representatives of successful brands, it was quite the experience and I commend them for their successful event”, he added.

‘WhenInManila’ will be speaking at The Tket Project: International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2014 this November 29 and with this, the two companies will be sparking hints of future partnerships and collaborations in the nearby future.


September 6, 2014

Tket Project: Premiere International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2014 set on November 29, 2014

After several board meetings and information gathering, The Tket Project proudly confirms that ‘The Tket Project: Premiere International Creative Tourism Design Conference 2014’ is happening on November 29, 2014.

This will be open for all honorable educators and future practioners of univesities and colleges offering the academic courses of tourism, multimedia and communication arts wherein our goal is to have these academic courses collaborate in a cross-platform venue to put into realization the endless possibility of having them work altogether on achieving economic growth via the tourism industry.

With the theme ‘a multi-view of creative platforms used in the Tourism Industry,’ it offers a panoramic and dynamic view of all the creative elements that make the tourism scene the kaleidoscope it is now. With this understanding, it will open avenues of opportunity and a sense of choice and direction for future teachings and careers.

An intercollegiate competition was embedded within this international conference to allow this collaborative activity for future practitioners of the courses mentioned to realize the overwhelming possibilities if they were to contribute their efforts and talent in the tourism industry. #itsmorefuninthephillippines campaign became the mere inspiration for this and with this project, we may be able to see more creative campaigns in the future in high hopes that we establish the encouragement for future practitioners to develop a sense and choice of direction towards this endeavor.

With that, Tket Project gears up for one of their biggest international conference this year and it is only the start of bigger things for the future of all of us.


September 6, 2014

Tket Project gears up for projected field tours and training projects.

Fueled with passion on every project, Tket Project is establishing grounds and creating partnerships that would enable the workability of producing field tours and training for universities and colleges nationwide.

The goal and ambition towards these projects is to create a fun-learning educational curve for students to step out of their comfort zone and learn in the most immersive way possible and by creating not only opportunities of experience but to garner knowledge in the most engaging and interactive way.

With that, Tket Project is co-operating with other companies in the local and international scene to make these projects as dynamic as possible. Tket Project plans to role out their field tours and training by 2015 as they are currently gearing up and plans to roll out field tours and training in the nearby Asian countries such as Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei etc. and connecting honorable educators and future practitioners with companies, universities in those countries with the process of establishing a collaborative and explorative agenda.


September 6, 2014


To all participating universities and colleges, please be advised that the ‘TKET PROJECT: PREMIERE CREATIVE TOURISM CONFERENCE 2014′ will be moved to a later date for a good cause. Please read:

Due to the unfortunate current weather conditions of our country (Philippines), our team had decided to postpone the upcoming conference on a later date this year to promote the safety of our international speakers who are flying into the Philippines, and for our honorable educators and valued future practitioners who are coming from provincial areas of the Philippines and are participating at our event set for August 16, 2014.

It is our dutiful responsibility to see to it that everyone is safe and not put in harms way. Morever, we are constantly gearing towards the changes and are working hard to launch this major event. All details about the changes of the conference will be posted shortly and we thank you all for your kind patience.


May 17, 2014

Tket Project Travel Studio Website V.3.0 launched!

After what seemed to be a long wait, we’re finally ready to showcase a more direct and understandable structure into understanding what our goals and visions are as a company.

Also, we’ve featured our latest conference to date: THE PREMIERE INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE TOURISM 2014 wherein we have taken a notch higher in terms of every angle we have received from our learnings since our last conference in 2013.

We’ve also removed our “travel lounge” temporarily as we would like to give it more analysis in terms of movement towards this side-venture of our company.

For now, enjoy our latest updated website, as we work on more academic fun-learning projects towards propelling the world towards the betterment of the future!


May 17, 2014

Soft-Launching of an experimental travel event project to Boracay a major success!

Starting off the year 2014 was our very first travel event in Boracay, Philippines!

A three-day and two nights event that brought our participants from Dubai, U.A.E to love and appreciate the island in our own unique way by giving them an unforgettable experience with our all-in exclusive package.

Below is one of our participators (Jizelle Lagman) wonderful comment which you could also see on our Facebook page:
“We would like to thank John Hadrian Bonoan and his crew ( Tket Project Travel Studio ) for making our “First Boracay trip” the best yet unforgettable ever! Without “Tket Project” we wouldn’t be able to push through this trip. They have arranged all what we needed from booking of the airfare, land and boat transfers, the Amazing ” Shoretime Hotel” at Station 1 , our lunch , snacks and dinner, the Boracay tour, and all the fun curricular activities (Mountain buggy’s, Parasailing, Fly Fishing and Pubcrawl!!!). We didn’t have to worry about a thing including our pictures and video taken! And an additional plus: Getting to meet the best Boracay local friends and tasting their best ever “dinakdakan” (Where else can you get this kind of service Ei?!) I highly recommend and will spread about Tket Project Travel Studio! Keep up the Good Work!”

We hope that we continue to contribute to Tourism in our own unique ways, and continue to bring our fellow Filipinos, as well as Foreigners to love the Philippines — just as we love it. With that, we are gearing up to potentially innovate and work our talents towards Tourism because we believe that small and consistent actions can empower and encourage major changes – John Hadrian Bonoan (CEO of Tket Project), added.

May 17, 2014

Congratulations, Naomi Kimura! Our winner for best picture with our limited edition Tket Project T-shirt!

We would like congratulate Naomi Kimura for winning the best picture of wearing our limited Tket Project shirt by simply posting a picture on Instragram with the hashtag: #tketproject. Below is her wonderful comment upon receiving her winnings of P1000 from us:

“Thanks for the wonderful gift of #tketproject for me. I received this last dec. 29. and I really appreciated your acknowledgement for my picture on my instagram account. This was very unexpected. Merry christmas and happy new year to you @Tketprojecttravelstudio More power and God bless! :)))”

May 17, 2014

Tket Project Website Update 3.0 coming soon!

Good news this Halloween! We’re currently updating our website to 3.0! This time, we’re polishing a lot of things such as information and as well as our new events mapped out for 2014! We’re working on a platform that would be more engaging for our users when visiting our website. We’re also working on making it much more creative than before so expect these changes in our upgraded version to come.

With that, we ask for your patience as we constantly work our hours to present a much more adhering website than last time! We are thankful for your continued patronage with us and hope that we will stand side by side in developing change and innovation towards the future.

May 17, 2014

Tket Project’s CEO speaks at the First Calabarzon Tourism Summit!

Our CEO, Mr. John Hadrian Bonoan was invited to speak on behalf of our whole team at the First Calabarzon Tourism Summit 2013 spearheaded by De La Salle University – Dasmariñas in which he keynoted the lighter side of tourism which is the creative aspect of marketing it. The foundation of Tket Project Travel Studio is built on a rock solid belief that change should be harnessed within the generation of today that will catapult innovation in the future. With that, he entitled his presentation: The importance of integration and innovation of creative approaches towards the tourism industry.” In which he elaborates why creativity plays a vital role in promoting tourism while setting other companies such as Ushuia (Ibiza) Hotel & Sol Hotel (Spain) as some examples of international innovation. He ended his talk with an inspirational note in which his aim was to inspire others to be innovators in their respective fields in hopes that this will become the epicenter of their goals in the future.

For that inspirational video here’s the link:

May 17, 2014

Tket Project set eyes on Cebu!

Tket Project Travel Studio’s team recently flew to Cebu to polish their projected travel event to Cebu (originally planned to be launched on November) in which, they’ve prepared and mapped out a fun-filled and informative itinerary. There are many projects upcoming for Tket Project Travel Studio in these coming months and we are in the process of creating it. As of now, to step into innovation, we are taking everything we have to heighten and mark ourselves in the tourism scene by slowly producing unforgettable projects that would benefit our tourism industry uniquely in the future. During this trip to Cebu, we also featured Liza Zosa of “A little piece of Sky Café (ALPS)” who supported our projected plans of organizing travel events to Cebu. By that being said, we are sure to promote these projects in good faith and for a good fulfilling cause and we are passionately building and crafting each project with heart and with that being said, our mission and vision is a commitment to you and our country. For now, our travel event to Cebu will potentially be one of the highlights of this year and a project worth participating in.

May 17, 2014

Tket Project: Premiere Tourism Conference 2013 a massive success!

Tket Project Travel Studio celebrated their company’s launch by successfully creating The Tket Project: Premiere Tourism Conference 2013 in which captured a phenomenal success and won the hearts and positive responses of educators and practitioners from various universities and colleges who participated on this very blessed day. Spearheaded by CEO John Hadrian Bonoan, the event was marked unforgettable. Stirring the crowd that day were talented young professionals DJ Alex of Home Radio 97.9 and Sam of ABS-CBN’s DZMM 630 who hosted the conference and introduced two respected international speakers from very prestigious companies to the stage to share and impart wisdom, Mr. Krishan Sinnadurai (Fly Dubai) & Mrs. Ellen Buchanan (Hilton Worldwide-Canada) and were awarded a plaque of recognition for their very inspiring and educative presentation. Adding to the hype were (rising) local bands Suicidal Genius and The Satellites that eluded the crowd with their music. The crowd grew even louder when the raffle winners were being announced and when the schools were being awarded school ambassadors of Tket Project Travel Studio.

In no specific order, the following schools that bagged the crowns were:
University of Perpertual Help System Jonelta – Isabela
University of Perperual Help System – Biñan
De La Salle University – Dasmariñas

With that, The Tket Project: Premiere Tourism Conference was concluded with photo opportunities with the hosts, the speakers and the organizers to allow each and everyone who participated to journey home with more than just an unforgettable memory but a reason to believe that they too, can be someone great in the future to come and by the end of the day, Tket Project Travel Studio became a bridge to many learning hearts in just a day’s worth of inspiration.

May 17, 2014

Tket Project: Premiere Tourism Conference 2013 draws nearer to launch date.

As The Tket Project: Premiere Tourism Conference 2013 draws nearer, we’re proud to say that it’s happening in a few days and all materials are ready to be distributed for all our valued participating universities and colleges of the Philippines for this year’s conference. There are many things to look forward to, and we cannot wait to meet each and every one of you. The future of tourism is very bright, knowing that there are a lot of students still eager to reach out for that extra learning outside of their campuses and that the enthusiasm of each university and college that will be participating is highly commendable for being very positive about attending conferences such as ours. On that note, we’d like to welcome all of you on board, and get ready to collect your passports and fly with us on August 10, 2013 at the UP Film Institute, Quezon City, Philippines!

June 4, 2013

Tket Project Travel Studio supports South Side Street Dance Battle Year 3!

Tket Project Travel Studio along with other brands such as Mystic Brew Philippines, Gardena Purified Water, Health Sense Wellness Spa, Central BBQ Grill supported the South Side Street Dance Battle Year 3 event held at Star Mall, Las Piñas last Saturday (May 18th, 2013) organized by Urban Art, TeraPixel and Alchemiz Boozelab.

In honor of our support, we were provided a booth space where we could market our products and projects which resulted to tremendous success and for that, we’d like to thank everyone who dropped by our booth and bought our shirts; as well as registered on our sheets. We are also congratulating our raffle winners and the groups that won the dance competition as well!

It has been a fun-filled experience; and our reason for supporting is because we believe in passion; and that if you truly love something you have to put yourself out there for people to see; we believe that what you love is what you’re supposed to do.

This is Tket Project Travel Studio standing by our values as a company; we love what we do; and we love sharing it with the world! We are open for sponsorship requests and deals. So please, don’t hesitate to send sponsorship requests to us.

June 4, 2013

We’re proud to be part of Ziimeo’s issue #8 magazine!

Over a couple of weeks ago (April 5, 2013), John Bonoan (CEO of Tket Project Travel Studio) was contacted by Stuart Ramsay (Publisher of Ziimeo Travel Magazine Australia) for a request to publish and feature his Bangkok/Phuket 2012 travel video on their online travel magazine exclusive for download only for the iPad.

And now, their #8 issue is officially released with us featured, and the magazine app can now be downloaded for only $4.99 wherein, their issue focuses on Thailand’s amazing country. All you have to do is visit the link provided below and everything else will keep your eye entertained:

April 5, 2013

Introducing a New Way to Share Your Travel Videos!

Last April 3, 2013 Mr. Stuart Ramsay (Founder of Ziimeo Travel Mag) was scouting for potential travel videos on Youtube to feature on their upcoming April 2013 issue – and that’s when he stumbled across a Bangkok/Phuket travel mash-up video made by our very own founder, Mr. John Bonoan. With that, one message sent the two parties to instantly meet a compromise towards their diverse goals on improving the travel community and industry.

With that, we are humbled and honored to have received such an opportunity to contribute one of our works, to benefit other companies in the travel industry such as Ziimeo who has all the right and good intentions to bring the travel community together into one online platform where they can easily share their videos with one another.

Ziimeo is giving away a free Bali trip that is open to everyone! The mechanics are simple: go to their website (, register and become a member (it’s free), and submit your travel video! To know more about it, download their travel magazine on the iTunes Store exclusively for iPad and click the link on the Competition page. Just click the link below to access the magazine:

April 1, 2013

Tket Project Travel Studio Website V.2 is online!

If Mark Palma Media isn’t a blessing to us, we don’t know what is!

During those days of jumpstarting Tket Project Travel Studio, we had a very poorly constructed website done on December that got hacked within a month of its release online, which resulted to additional outflow of investments for our travel studio in which, our budget was compromised and our marketing was ceased.

It took us more or less two months before we got to find a solution to the problem and finalize a deal. In a more positive insight, we took the challenge instead of giving up.

We see this challenge now as a realization to step it up. And now, with a more dynamic and secured website, we are proud that we got past that obstacle and back on track with everything we want to accomplish with our projects.

Sheer passion and absolute dedication, inspiration and motivation we have is proof that anything is possible as long as you will to make things happen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re proud to present Tket Project Travel Studio’s website V.2 and it’s now online for your respective viewing.


March 28, 2013

Tket Project is finally legitimately operational!

The source comes from a dream: a vision beyond words and a call-to-action. The reason is belief and the motivation lies in achieving that dream of contributing to economic growth with the goal of propelling the world towards the betterment of the future.

We are not architects, we are artists; but that doesn’t mean that we can’t create structures that would one day contribute to the rise of our nation. By creating the Philippines’ first travel studio, our projects and ideas will all revolve around exterior fun-learning academic projects and here we are working on solidifying our grounds and making it a reality.

As we progress, our young team will continue to work and grow within our passion and ideals as we create international conferences, field tours and training for universities and colleges nationwide and also draw and create projects that would involve the whole nation to participate.

This is the first step to that dream, and by taking this very first step, we are hoping for all the support and belief from all because you can help us achieve it.

Believe in us, and we will not let you down. We are on a mission, and we are ready.



We are open to hire talented and capable individuals to expand the Tket Project team.
Below are the positions and specifications that we are looking for:

Marketing Executive

Should be well-versed in communicating and writing in English and Tagalog as he/she will be handling clients per project handled.

Should be willing to work with the team to maximize and contribute to the projects being planned and should be open to doing field work and meeting with clients.

Should be computer literate and be able to use basic programs such as MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint as most of the work would solely rely on these programs.

Should be easy to train, smart and presentable

Social Media Manager

Preferably, a multimedia or communication graduate

Should be well-versed in writing in English as he/she will be in-charge of creating content on all social media pages of Tket Project.

Should be able to work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere.

Should be able to create and design everyday content for all social media pages of Tket Project.

Personal Executive Assistant to CEO

Should be female

Should be able to perform senior level administrative and general office duties for the CEO: Manages schedule, arranges appointments, travel, meetings, conference calls etc.

Should be intuitive, smart, reliable, meticulous and detail-oriented and knowledgeable towards all engagements of the CEO.

Should be presentable with a pleasing personality and should be open to doing field work as presence in all meetings with clients and suppliers concerning the CEO that would be outside of the office is required.

Should have a sense of loyalty and should be trustworthy and can work with minimal supervision.

Should be proficient and computer literate with MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint

To all interested applicants, please e-mail resume to:

follow us on

Linked In

contact us

Units 504-P to 508-P, Pacific Drive, Five E-Com Center Bldg.,
Pacific Drive Extension, Block 18, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, 1300
Telephone Lines:
027950843 / 024750039
For submission of participants list:
For payment confirmations of event tickets, general enquiries and for press, partnerships, sponsors:

Contact Form


Winning prize:

P5,000 and a trophy and certificate signed by all prestigious speakers and Tket Project management along with the opportunity to have the 'design' materialize in our next Tket Project conferences.


Deadline of submission for all participating universities will be on November 18, 2014.

  1. Should have our TKET PROJECT logo incorporated on the design.
  2. Should have a travel-like vibe on the design. (See our t-shirt design sample on our FB page)
  3. Should represent a participating university. (One student, One design)
  4. Using of design with copyright should not be used in any materials.
  5. All t-shirt design should be sent via e-mail: (if the file however is too big, please use to send the file using the e-mail indicated.)
  6. Be very creative!


Winning prize:

P10,000 and a trophy and certificate signed by all prestigious speakers and Tket Project management along with the opportunity to have the travel video streamed on the Tket Project and WhenInManila's website and social media accounts.

Judging Criteria

OVERALL: 100percent


Deadline of submission for all participating universities will be on November 18, 2014.

  1. Should limit travel videos' to 2-minutes (minimum) and 5-minutes (maximum) play time.
  2. Should have our logo visible on-screen. *placement can be anywhere.
  3. Should include #itsmorefuninthephilippines at the end of the video.
  4. Should represent a participating university.
  5. Using of design with copyright should not be used in any materials.
  6. Travel video can be done as a music video, documentary and in any other way possible.
  7. Creating your own music (high-quality) is a plus; other music can be used.
  8. Explicit scenes should not be incorporated in the video.
  9. Members are limited to a group of ten; universities can send as many videos per group of ten.
  10. All travel videos should be sent to us on a cd to this address:

    U405, Monaco Garden Tower, Barangay 45, Villa Barbara Street, Pasay City 1300

  11. Be very creative! View example here:

Hoa Doan & Cao Nguyen

This tandem-duo from Vietnam are two of the most trusted personnels of CleverAds Vietnam (Google Premier SMB Partner) whose expertise belong in online marketing and has since been handling major accounts in their own creative strategical ways which makes them nothing short of valuable to the company. Their brilliance alone is a collaboration of wonders as they were entrusted with the responsibility of bringing CleverAds to the Philippines.

CleverAds Philippines was established in late 2013 and is now on the way to present itself as one of the leading Online Advertising Agencies in the Philippines.

Gareth Rees

Gareth is Editor of Emirates Airline's multi-award winning in-flight magazine, Open Skies, produced by leading Dubai publisher Motivate. He took the helm at Open Skies after working for several years as Food Editor for What's On, the UAE's biggest-selling entertainment title (also published by Motivate). Prior to that, he worked as Assistant Editor for Hotelier Middle East and Arabian Travel News, having moved to Dubai from the UK. With a decade of experience in the publishing industry, Gareth believes that creativity and innovation are the key to creating world-class magazines.

Rebecca Lee

She is currently an outstanding Senior Columnist at WhenInManila, her articles are produced with inspiring and relevant content in which she ensures the aim to always have her readers feel the need to live everyday with passion and excellence. Most of her contributed works can be found at

Vince Golangco

He has over 10 years of international experience in marketing, advertising and creative writing. Today, he is currently the Publisher of He is also a freelance columnist and has written articles published in the San Diego Daily Aztec, The Philippine Star, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rogue Magazine, Business Mirror, Status Magazine, Meg Magazine, Playboy Magazine, Filipinas Magazine and more.

Krishan Sinnadurai

He is currently the Senior Vice President and Head of Legal Affairs at ‘flydubai’ Airlines, Dubai’s first low-cost hybrid airline.

Prior to joining flydubai in 2011, he was a senior lawyer at Emirates Airline in Dubai and prior to that, he has worked in major law firms in Sydney (Australia) and London (United Kingdom).

Ellen Buchanan

Having been part of the hotel and industry for 12-years, she had worked with different hotel brands in Toronto, Canada namely ‘Marriot International Hotel’ as a Sales and Marketing Manager.

Currently, she works at ‘Hilton Worldwide’ as a RFP Specialist; an integral part of the team as a liason between Hilton Managers and Director of Sales – on a national level – and about 3,800 Hilton Hotels worldwide.